ENG/HD Video Services


Do you need HD video but can’t stomach the cost of a helicopter?   Or are you tired of sharing a helicopter with three other stations in your market & having to argue with some third party about what you want covered? 

Our fixed-wing camera platforms can provide live, HD video over microwave at a fraction of the cost of today’s turbine helicopters.  Recent advances in mounts and vibration dampening mean that your viewers won’t know the difference; check these samples:

The frame above was shot from 8/10 of a mile away, and the street signs are clearly readable.    The shot below was from 1/2 mile, and you can just about identify the make and model of the trucks.

If you really want detail, at the other end of the spectrum we’ve got a 192 megapixel camera originally designed for military use and now available for public use.  That package includes capabilities that you won’t believe-  trust me.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please call 301-234-0065 or email to stan@trafficplanes.com.

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